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Breaking Dawn Part ends with a gratitude from Twihards for Stephanie Meyer

22 Jan

“My time as a human was over, but I never felt more alive.” This is the movie and the book quote from Stephanie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn (Part II) movie and book as well. Twihards are going crazy for this epic finale of Twilight Saga.

Scene from The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part II

I am just triple grateful to Stephanie Meyer for sharing with us her creativity and the imaginary characters she brought out of her dreams. I know there are a thousand critics out there who are much annoyed by the unimaginable characters Stephanie has brought out in form of vampires.

The Amazing author Stephanie Meyer

Nobody ever though of a movie which could make billions in this world to fall in love with this trademarked brutal blood sucking fictitious character. The Twilight Saga ends and leave all us fans in a completion of satisfaction or dissatisfaction may be. I cannot tell you about that for sure but I say it all much in a positive way. Satisfied of leaving a good mark on the fans as well as for all the four written books and dissatisfied for the much more sensational feeling and a feeble beloved wait for a new part to come.

Each movie came with a different perspective; a different look just like the books. One by one they came and left us all apart in picking out and differentiating the good and the bad within the parts. Critics sparkled their business by throwing numerous reviews even more than what Harry Potter got. But for me there is no comparison at all as I strongly feel these two being entirely a different category of film to be compared for. Harry Potter is for kids, early teens and something which is not a matter for critics to put in forth as it generally evolves school education and part of children academic libraries. Twilight is romance, passion, adult fantasy and a love triangle which is mixed with action/adventure in a classic way.

Twilight came out in five parts i.e., Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn I and Breaking Dawn II and all movies coming from different directors completely making each one different than the other whether you talk about the location photography, CGI effects, characters looks and music all different each time. I am really proud of Stephanie who came out and showed her honest feedback and input in every movie to show her characters portrayed in a way she had written her books in and so as you can see her in one glimpse in all parts if you observe closely.

Enough with the review thing and the comparison I would like to mention the last gorgeous scene which is the buzz of the town regarding Breaking Dawn Part II and which is in my first experience of watching the movie and I was like stunned and heart broken when Aro kills Dr. Carlisle separating his neck off from his body. I was speechless and cursed the film maker for the next 10-12 minutes until the relief part when it was all what Alice showed to Aro. That cursed starting is now changed to undoubtedly the best part of the movie for fans. The movie is a complete package which has got action, adventure, romance, love story, drama, thrill, suspense and fiction all. These movies were the best part happened in my life of cinema going and I am honored to be a part of it. I have always been very repulsive of blood and typical vampire demon movies but this is nothing like that and I have seen so many sensible people not going for it by saying that they have never evolved in any kind of vampire creepiness and I want to strongly recommend them this one. Just have a GO at it and I assure you’ll LOVE it. The Twilight Saga rocks and Stephanie Meyer rocks.

Its really an epic finale which will live forever!

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