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A Job Description for a ‘Content Writer’

16 Jul

A Content Writer these days has a major role in the construction of any company website, social media presence, forums, official/side Press Releases or newsletters. Most of the online business done these days cannot work without content writers and because they have a very high demand for clients and agencies who get most of their work done online a content writer to have is the spine to whole thing; may it be presses release of any company, blog posts or articles, website content from about, Company info and even products and service listings. Moreover it is an exciting position where you have access to gain knowledge in the areas of internet marketing, research and search engine optimization. A creative writer has a grand importance as ever but trends and marketing is inclining towards SEO content writers. The only difference is that they work upon the required demands of a client, business fundamentals and traffic attraction whereas innovation writing is a less in demand (yet classic) and works its place in traditional magazine and books or blogs too.

Content Writer JobJob Demand:
• Copy-editing and proof reading articles and all the other web content
• Finding, researching and developing fresh ideas for the web content
• Making sure that all the writing is done in a user-friendly way and something which benefits SEO and keywords oriented
• A good content writer should be able to moderate user generated content via ‘FaceBook’, ‘Twitter’, ‘Online Comments’ and ‘Forums’
• Should know proper usage of keywords and appropriate embedding in any article.
• Should be able to produce a same article embedding two unmatched keywords making the article seem readable and fine.
• Avoid plagiarism at all cost ( means no copying pasting other web content online anywhere)
• Researching and choosing the right image for any content. An image means half of the written story or sometimes the whole picture.
• Understand the motive of the article, business and specially the target market
• Should be able to use strong catchy and attractive words in initiation.
• Should be able to understand the Brand/Product.
• Work in an efficient manner and understand teamwork and apprehend accordingly to the demands of SEO guy, marketer, designer or developer because content initiates and leverage so many other departments.
• Typing speed & grammar should be more than average as sometimes efficient deliverable occurs and client budgets less time. So pressure handling should be maintained.
• Should keep an eye on competitors blogs, press releases, articles or change in their web contents and study their competitive edges time by time.
• Should be able to analyze own created content by using metrics like Google Analytics to check out the tops hit pages, visitors path, bounce rates and duration of time on site. This all helps a content writer to evaluate the content too.
• Keeping an eye of keywords trend and choose powerful tags for your content if client is not giving keywords. (This is much an SEO guy thing but a little know how would do good to a content writer)
• A Content writer must be flexible in writing creative, technical and business content.
• Should be able to comment on news, forums and other online article appropriately and making sure there is an impact.
• Quality content comes first and is the top priority for any client to hire a content writer.

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