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Burma’s Rohingya

30 Sep

Burma’s Rohingya.

Mere Comparison of the movie ‘Mirror Mirror’ and ‘Snow White and the Hunstman’

9 Sep

First of all I do not just get it why the heck would Hollywood release two movies on the same subject (though with different target aims and genres). Yes, I am talking about ‘Snow White and the Huntsman‘ and ‘Mirror mirror‘. Undoubtedly there is no compression to the gender of the movie becasue ‘Mirror mirror’ is a sweet, family orientated, humorous and funny movie which reminds of some classic era of Disney, whereas ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ is an action, war oriented and a thrill of serious Good vs. Evil fight kind.

Yet, you can compare as Snow White is there as in the form of Kristen and Lily Collins playing Snow and Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron playing the Queen. The seven dwarfs were there and the plot was the same about the king remarrying to the wicked queen who magically took over and had the help of the mirror which told about the fairest beauty in all and bla bla bla you know.

The Snow White and the Huntsman plot starts with the same old story with the wicked queen Ravena, played fantastically by Charlize, taking over the kingdom after killing the king and capturing Miss White (Kristen Stewart) in the castle, when the day arrived Kristen flings and escape to the dark woods and then followed by the Hunstman after being rendered by the queen to kill Snow. Oh and the character played by the hunky Chris Hemsworth (Famous for Thor). He has already lost his wife in a village murder who was in character quite like Snow and upon realizing the real reason for why the queen is after Snow he decided at the right time to change the alliance and protects Snow till the end. The love story which is quite not set in the mood of love story and romance is unsuccessfully shifted to a love triangle when Snow’s childhood friend, who was the son of snow’s uncle, arrives and remembers Snow from the childhood and so does she. But she feels strongly and differently for huntsman (Chris) though they both feel that and not accept it due to the age factor between the both. Actually here lies the only weak point in the movie where the love bond and the triangle is not shown very clear. Anyways, then comes the final attack by the queen who transforms into the boy from Snow’s childhood, William (son of Snow’s uncle) and persuade Snow to bite the apple which she does and the queen escapes tactfully leaving the two lovers broken. The movie leads to the kissing scene where she doesn’t awake by William’s kiss and Huntsmen kiss her in solitude leaving her by saying goodbyes. He leaves. Snow wakes up and does some proud enthusiastic speech to the kingdom and declares a war. The final war and fight is in the castle and its the fight to the death scene between Snow and the Queen where Queen’s blood is shed and the kingdom is free from all the dark magic effect and the twirling love story remains unattended. It’s a treat to watch. The action, visuals and graphics were superb but the passion was with hiccups and love theme was missing. Not to forget to mention the biggest drawback was very few scenes of the dwarfs.

Mirror mirror on the other hand is simply a delicacy, a family treat, the kind which comes from the trendy Disney classics though presented by ‘Relativity Media‘ Company. The plot is the actually somewhat near the version of actual classic Snow White. The movie is a comic start of narration by the evil queen, magnificently played by Julia Roberts. Snow White is Lily Collins. The movie is targeted for a complete family audience and there are no cruel, blood and loud fight scenes involved. In fact it is quite a comedy. The original remarks and quite full of humour and sarcastic remarks by Julia Roberts makes this movie a treat from tip to toe.

Armie Hammer, the handsome prince in the movie looks great in comparison with Lilly Collins but she managed well. “Oh and please”,  the makeup artist had to work on her brows which looked quite horrible in a few scenes, I must say. The prince and Snow meeting scenes were cute, precise and tingled in hearts. The best thing of the movie is the center of attraction thingies which are dwarfs. You can find so many scenes about them, describing each personality with a distinction. The only change in the movie was the extra merry ending with Snow’s finding her father, the king who was not dead and was converted as the killer dragon by the magic of the queen who had a magical star moon pendant wrapped around the neck and which is cut in the end by Snow from the dagger her own father gifted her in her childhood right before leaving to the woods. As the curse breaks, the dragon is transformed back to the king and Queen’s all magic is vanished and paid the price making her old and miserable looking. She comes to Snow’s wedding, with an apple. Now here’s the twist though its the end and Snow realizes the witch when she asks, “Just one bite for good fortune. To the fairest of them all.” And she replied, “Age before beauty. It’s important to know when you’ve been beaten.”. The witch leaves, lost. In the end we are seen and heard the Witch narrating about the story is about Snow White after all.

The movie evolves perfect humour in it.

These are my personal reviews. They may vary but I would love to see all of your comments, reviews, criticism and feedback in whatever way you can. Thanks all.

Pets get attached with you emotionally

3 Sep

This post is actually a message to everyone out there and especially for people who are totally in to pets. A few days back I was really upset and distressed at some something personal. You know when you are really down and corner yourself in your room trying to heal yourself up in solitude. I have a 4 month old kitten, Fifi, who was sleeping at the time when I entered my room. She is a very mischievous and vigorous kitten. She always come to me start playing ‘pounce and hide’ with my hands and feet. That’s a typical cat behaviour of affection. I was really sad. She did pounced at me one time and looked up at my face for my response and she immediately felt the emotions in me and came up, slowly hopping on my chest and started licking my cheeks and fingers. She never have ever licked my face before. Cats do not do such thing like dogs. They mostly lick your fingers or rub up against your legs with their tails up to show their affection or when they want to be fed. Anyways she did and looked at me like she could sense it and wanted to comfort me. I felt astonished and really surprised at that behaviour. She also slept beside my arms that day which she never did before. I noticed the same expression when I went to feed my budgies. They chirp a lot and start chattering at each other but that day they sensed me too and stayed quiet and came down at their saucers after a long time because i was watching them and they were watching me and speaking with low tweets.

Fifi, My kitten


When you take up your pets as your family they do the same. They observe you, notice you, responds to your mood swings. I am basically a pet lover and I am a keen observer but this was somewhat a new and different experience for me. Please do share with me if you have found such experiences with your pets. Awaiting your feedback pet bloggers.

Stay content and happy blogging!

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