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29 Aug

You are beautiful. Okay no one says you are not but then on behalf of beauty you got brave one day and questioned its own appearance and presence that why it is not eternal?

When beauty is at its top peak it is itself drowned in its own splendor and forgets that one day it is bound to fall and perish like other living and mortals in this world. As time passes by, the beauty gets the answer that when the world has its end then why ‘I’ (i.e. beauty) have got to be there. When nothing will exist in this world what use the beauty has. The only glory that will sustain is the truth.

You know this answer was heard by the moon, who told the stars, who told the clouds and air and then air took off everywhere telling every symbolist of profound beauty that exited from water to land and every nook of nature preserved. All the beauty wept and sorrow took place soon realizing what the Truth is.

The truth was that every beautiful existence is here for a travel, for a walk and there’s no constant stay to it; It’s going back.

Moral: Nothing is eternal is this Universe.

Eid ul Fitr Greetings

20 Aug

Hi Everyone!

I am so glad that I could use this blessed day to start my WordPress blog for the very first time in my life today. I am pretty excited. Its Eid ul Fitr today. I am a Muslim and being that I have an obligation to greet and bless all the readers out there on

Its 10:00 AM right now and just 2 hours back I have come from mosque offering my Eid prayers. We do go to mosque for prayers as a part of our religion but I just go occasionally. Well, not much of a religious person i guess. As for Eid, we do have to offer these Eid prayers because without it its incomplete. The best part is that today everyone in this country is offering prayers in mosques, parks, open grounds on this very day and in these 2 hours. All the streets are empty, its so quiet and after this religious treed is done, do we just put on a busy show everywhere. I mean, there’s music, going to relatives, meeting your folks, visiting your beloved passed ones in graveyards, meals invitations and oh such delicious treats and cooking.


There is a lot to share and talk about on Eid festival but I just wanted to wish all you folks a very Happy Eid. I am rushing as I am hungry and some delicious sweet vermicelli awaits me cooked by my lovely mother.

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